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   Goat's Rue/ French Lilac      |                Galega officinalis            Leguminosae


Buckwheat Flower

Guaranteed to give you the cottage garden look better than even Hollyhock, this beautiful herb with it's many and varied uses is a delight to grow.

It is mostly herbaceous but in some climates (usually warmer) it stays all year round.


One plant will grow to about 1.5 m in height and about 1 m spread, with hundreds of flowering spikes in Summer.


It's prime reputation is as a stimulant for milk production in humans and animals but it's properties as a stimulant for the body to promote antibiotic activity is often overlooked.


It needs full sun as it will become thin and unattractive in the shade. Otherwise, it is easy to grow and withstood the excessive rainfall and heat of the 2010-11 summer without missing a beat.